Wednesday, November 15, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-The Passions

Artist:The Passions
Song:Just To Be With You
Album:It All Started With Doo Wop: The Glory Of Love

Just To Be With You was the only chart hit for The Passions in 1959. A version of the group still performs. They started out as The Sinceres in 1956 in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn, NY. When The Sinceres heard Jimmy Gallagher sing, they decided to recruit him as their lead singer. Gallagher had been in The Palladiyms and the Runaraounds. They followed him home and knocked on his door. After convincing Gallagher's mother that they weren't there to beat him up, he joined the group. The other members were Tony Armato, Albie Gallone and Vinnie Acierno. They were friends with The Mystics who recorded for Laurie Records and scored a hit with Hushabye. They convinced their manager to let The Sinceres record. He agreed after he changed the group name to The Passions. He gave them a demo of Just To Be With You to rehearse. The song was written by Marv Kalfin but the demo was by The Cousins aka Paul Simon and Carole King. The record was on Sol Winkler's  Audicon label and it reached the Billboard Hot 100. It wasn't a big hit but it was big enough that The Passions still tour the oldies circuit. You can get Just To Be with You on this 2CD Time Life various artists budget comp. The Passions recorded a few more singles for Audicon and other labels. But nothing ever caught on and Gallagher left to join the US Navy in 1960. The Passions disbanded in 1963. Gallagher reformed The Passions in the 90s to tour the oldies circuit. I'm not sure how active they are. They seem to do occasional shows. Here's The Passions performing Just To Be With You on American Bandstand 1959.

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