Sunday, September 10, 2017

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Ketlen Vieira vs Sara McMann

Here's the match video of Ketlen Vieira vs Sara McMann from last night's UFC show in Edmonton. I guess at this point Sara is the gatekeeper of the Bantamweight division. Obviously she would like to get back in the title picture. Recently she moved to Sacramento to train at Team Alpha Male. Of course she's a strong wrestler but I have never liked her as an MMA fighter. She's not aggressive enough for me. Ketlen trains at Nova Uniao in Brazil. She won her first two UFC fights but I was not impressed with her. Sara is a big step up in competition. Sara won round one 10-9. She took Ketlen down and landed some ground and pound. But she had to be careful because like most Nova Uniao fighters, Ketlen has a strong submission game from her back. In round two, Ketlen wound up on top. It looked like she might just lay on top of Sara. Instead she went for an arm triangle choke. It looked at first like Ketlen was in the wrong position to make it work. But she adjusted and Sara tapped out. That's what you call an upset folks. We'll see if Ketlen will follow that up in her next fight. And I guess Sara is not getting back in the title picture. Enjoy the video!

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  1. I feel badly for Sara McMann. I just hope she has a plan B to fall back on. It does not look like her MMA career is going anywhere, and she may be better off retiring at this point in her life. I like her, I am sorry things are not working out for her. I wish her the best.