Saturday, September 09, 2017

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Kairi Sane vs Toni Storm

Here's the match video of Kairi Sane vs Toni Storm from the semi finals of the Mae Young Classic. These two are very familiar with each other as Toni has worked for STARDOM for the last two years. She's in Japan now. So when this match gets off to a slow start, Lita babbles about how they have never touched each other. She doesn't know what she is talking about. They have wrestled each other a few times. The slow start is because big matches get a lot of time in Japan and the wrestlers usually have a slow build for the first few minutes. So when things pick up, it has a real impact. And that's one of the things that makes this match so great. One thing I really liked was Toni working on Kairi's right arm because that's the arm she uses for the elbow drop. Both of them did really great things in this match. As you may have heard, Kairi suffered a concussion during this match. It happened when Kairi hit a dive from the top rope to the floor and she hit the metal ramp face first. I thought Toni caught her fine I think her landing was miscalculated. Toni probably should have been a little closer to the ring. After the ref checked on her, Kairi got up and continued. For a while, it certainly looked like Toni was going to win. But when Kairi kicked out of Toni's Strong Zero finisher, it meant that Kairi will win. Then Kairi kicks out of Toni's top rope leg drop. After that, Kairi hits a spinning backfist followed by the flying elbow drop for the win. So now Kairi will face Shayna Baszler in the tournament final on Tuesday 10PM on the WWE Network. Shayna is obviously the heel and Kairi is the plucky undersized underdog. I like that they had Toni work on Kairi's arm because I expect Shayna to pick up on that. Who will win? It depends what the WWE wants to do. Shayna doesn't need to win to be involved with the Four Horsewomen angle. And she should be able to keep her heat regardless. Kairi has been the undersized underdog throughout the tournament. They may want to continue that. We'll see what happens. I understand Kairi will have a new robe on Tuesday. And they should start calling her The Pirate Princess. So be sure to watch this Tuesday. Enjoy the video!
Kairi Sane vs. Toni Storm by therackattackvideos

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