Tuesday, September 05, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Margareth Menezes

Artist:Margareth Menezes

Margareth Menezes is a dynamic singer who has had success in Brazil. Here in North America, she is probably best known for Elegibo which appeared on the soundtrack of the 1990 film Wild Orchid. She was born Oct. 13, 1962 in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. The Bahia region of Brazil has a rich musical tradition and Margareth's music is reflective of that tradition. She started to play in clubs as a teen and she won some local awards. This got her a record deal with Polygram and an album was released in 1987. It was around that time that the producers of Wild Orchid were looking for music for the film. The film starred Mickey Rourke, Jacqueline Bisset and Carre Otis and directed by Zalman King who specialized in erotic films. They hired Sire Records and producer Andy Paley to compile the soundtrack. The film was shot in Brazil so they wanted some Brazilian music. Paley called his buddy Talking Heads leader David Byrne as he's a world music expert. He suggested the song Eligibo which was on Margareth's album. She also appears on two other songs. Among those who appear on the soundtrack are Israeli Ofra Haza and Trinidadian David Rudder. This was one of those cases where the soundtrack was better than the film. The film made a few bucks but was universally hated. Island's Mango label combined Margareth's first two albums into 1990's Elegibo. The album topped Billboard's World Music chart. She also toured with Byrne. The Wild Orchid soundtrack is out of print. But the album Elegibo is still available on CD. Mango released two albums and I don't think any of her other albums have been released outside Brazil. Her latest CD was released in 2010. Fans of Brazilian music should check her out. Here's the video for Elegibo by Margareth Menezes. Sorry about the poor video quality. This is what is out there.

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