Sunday, April 16, 2017

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Rose Namajunas vs Michelle Waterson

Here's the match video of Rose Namajunas vs Michelle Waterson from last night's UFC show in Kansas City. The winner of this fight is likely to get a title shot. The result was going to depend on which Rose Namajunas shows up. Is it the elite fighter? Or will it be the Rose that lost to Karolina Kowalkiewicz last year? That's a fight she should have won and she beat herself. Michelle is undersized for a Strawweight. She's a good but not an elite fighter. But she is marketable to casual fans. I saw a lot of whining about Michelle being the betting favourite. Did you all forget that Rose looked terrible in her last fight? She could have done that again. But she didn't. Michelle's big mistake was getting a head and arm throw takedown and not immediately transitioning to side control. The problem with that throw is even if it's successful, it leaves her back open. To hold on to it like she did is a rookie mistake by a ten year MMA veteran. Once Rose took Michelle's back, that was the beginning of the end. Rose got the finish in round two after a jarring head kick. Rose took Michelle down and eventually got a rear naked choke for the finish. So now it looks like Rose will get a title shot. Afterwards, she admitted that she has been guilty of thinking too much. That's why she lost to Karolina. It's very important that coach Trevor Wittman helps Rose keep her head on straight and make sure she avoids overthinking. That's a big flaw I see in a lot of fighters but it is fixable. He needs to remind her to use her instincts and physical skills and he'll worry about strategy. Keeping focused on that could get Rose a title belt. Enjoy the video!

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