Monday, April 17, 2017

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-RENA vs Dora Perjes

Here's the match video of RENA vs Dora Perjes from Sunday's RIZIN show in Yokohama. Of course we all know about RENA and I guess we are all looking forward to the women's Grand Prix which I expect she will win. Dora is from Hungary. Her record is 7-1 which seems impressive but she hasn't faced anyone like RENA. Dora gets off to a quick start by taking RENA down and try to submit her. She almost hooked an armbar. It was certainly entertaining BUT it was way too early in the fight to try that. RENA was still fresh and I'm sure she knew that Dora would do this. Dora may have gotten away with this back home in Hungary but it's not a strategy that will work against a good fighter. So once RENA got to her feet, that was the beginning of the end. She dropped Dora with a body shot and then walked away. The ref yelled at RENA and she rushed back. It looks like she forgot this is MMA. They have standing eight counts in Shoot Boxing. I'll get back to that in a minute. Among other things, RENA stomps Dora. Then she drops her with another body shot and this time it is over. I have been saying for the last year that RENA needs to quit Shoot Boxing and concentrate on MMA. The mistake she made in this fight reinforces that. If she makes a mistake like that during the Grand Prix, it could be very costly. I know she is loyal to SB owner Takeshi Caesar but he's a weasel and he only appreciates his cut for letting RENA fight in RIZIN. Maybe RIZIN owner Sakikabara can work something out with him. RENA is his star now and she may be the biggest home grown star to come out of RIZIN. Saori Ishioka, Kanna Asakura and King REINA all won their matches at yesterday's show. Ishioka and Asakura will be in the Grand Prix and both were stalking RENA at today's press conference. As for King REINA, there's no one for her to fight in Japan so RIZIN has to keep bringing in gaijin. She has already threatened to move to the US. She will probably have to move anyway. The talk is REINA may fight Gabi Garcia but REINA would give up a lot of size and weight. Remember in Japan it's Open Weight. So enjoy the fight and remember that RENA is the one who could bring MMA back to the mainstream in Japan.

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