Sunday, April 23, 2017

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Alexis Davis vs Cindy Dandois

Here's the match video of Alexis Davis vs Cindy Dandois from last night's UFC show in Nashville. This aired on UFC Fight Pass. Though both are veteran fighters, Cindy is a UFC newcomer. Most fans have probably seen her in Invicta. A few years ago, Cindy had not planned to return to fighting post pregnancy. She is a high school teacher in Belgium and she has three kids. Who has time for fighting? But Miesha Tate convinced her to return. Cindy trained with Miesha at Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas and Miesha was in her corner. Cindy's major flaw is terrible striking. For that reason alone, I don't believe she belongs in the UFC. Alexis is a former title contender in her second post pregnancy fight. The one thing is her striking is better than Cindy's. But that's not saying much. The fight was close but not very good. I didn't think Alexis was at her best and it makes me wonder if she'll ever be good again. Sometimes fighters aren't the same post pregnancy. But I thought she was marginally more effective. I don't think she can beat an elite fighter anymore. But the buzz on Twitter last night was how shockingly bad Cindy's striking really is. She's been a fighter for a long time. Her striking has always been bad. Of course the UFC magnifies that. I wasn't surprised because I've seen her in Invicta and in Europe. She needs to improve if she wants to get anywhere in the UFC. But Cindy is 32 years old and it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. I believe the UFC signed her for the Welterweight division as she has fought at 145 in the past. But I certainly don't want to see her sacrificed to Cris Cyborg. Again, I don't believe Cindy is a UFC caliber fighter. Enjoy the video!

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