Thursday, April 06, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Kathryn Beaumont

Artist:Kathryn Beaumont
Song:Pay Attention/In A World Of My Own
Album:Walt Disney's Alice In Wonderland: Original Soundtrack

British actress Kathryn Beaumont is known for playing Alice in the 1951 film Alice In Wonderland and then Wendy in the 1953 film Peter Pan. Then she got her education and was an elementary school teacher. She was named a Disney Legend in 1998. She was born June 27, 1938 in London, England. Walt Disney saw her in the 1948 Esther Williams film On An Island With You and cast her as Alice in the 1951 film Alice In Wonderland. Kathryn not only performed the voice of Alice but she was the artist model. Disney produced an Alice In Wonderland short in 1923 with a live action Virginia Davis in an animated world. He used the film to raise money to start his own studio. He wanted to produce a full length Alice In Wonderland in 1932. But Paramount beat him to the punch with their 1933 film so he put it off though he used the story in the 1936 Mickey Mouse film Thru The Mirror, one of my favourite Disney cartoons. He started developing the Alice In Wonderland full length film in 1939, put it aside for a few years and then revived it in 1945. Disney's usual composer Oliver Wallace composed the score. Disney usually had staff songwriters. For Alice in Wonderland, he used established songwriting teams. In A World Of My Own was written by Tin Pan Alley veterans Bob Hilliard and Sammy Fain. Of course the film was very successful. There was a soundtrack album released in 1951. But when Disney wanted to release a soundtrack on CD in 1998, they found that many of the songs were very short and they needed some of the score to fill out a full album. So they hired Rocky Horror Picture Show composer Richard Hartley to re-record Wallace's music and mix it with the songs. Pay Attention is an instrumental lead in to In A World Of My Own. As I said, Kathryn also played Wendy in Peter Pan. Then she attended USC and she became an elementary school teacher. Other than occasional work for Disney, Kathryn retired from show business. She says she loves teaching and she never regretted her decision. And she was named a Disney Legend in 1998. Here's In A World Of My Own by Kathryn Beaumont from the 1951 film Alice in Wonderland.

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