Sunday, April 09, 2017

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Katlyn Chookagian vs Irene Aldana

Here's the match video of Katlyn Chookagian vs Irene Aldana from last night's UFC show in Buffalo. This aired on UFC Fight Pass. When I previewed this fight on the blog, I said that neither fighter belongs in the UFC. I figured it would be competitive with very little aggression and the end result would be a split decision. And that's what happened. These two fighters need to show dominance to move up in the rankings. They didn't do that. I didn't like the fight so I'm not going to look at each round. But I did score it 30-27 for Irene because I thought she was marginally more effective. Though Katlyn threw more punches, most of them didn't land. And Irene's punches that did land were harder. The fight was very close and Katlyn got the win by split decision. And no I didn't think it was a robbery. It was a close fight between two mediocre fighters. It doesn't matter who wins. I think Katlyn has to face a ranked fighter to see if she improves when the competition is better. I doubt it. Katlyn is 2-1 in the UFC and all her fights have been split decisions. Any fighter or coach who is satisfied with that is out to lunch. Irene's results don't surprise me because I didn't like her when she was in Invicta. So yeah, this fight was as bad as I expected. Check out the video for yourself.

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