Monday, April 17, 2017

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Simon Collins

Artist:Simon Collins
Album:All Of Who You Are

Simon Collins is the son of Phil Collins. He grew up in Canada after his parents divorced. He had modest success with the 1999 single Pride. He currently leads the band Sound Of Contact. He was born Sept. 14, 1976 in Hammersmith, London, England. He is the oldest son of Phil Collins and Canadian Andrea Bertorella. When his parents divorced in 1984, he moved with his mom and sister Joely to Vancouver. Collins started playing drums as a child mentored by his dad and Genesis drummer Chester Thompson. He first appeared on stage with his dad at age 12. Collins got into songwriting because he didn't want to be just a drummer. He moved to Germany and signed with Warner Music after sending out demos. The album All Of Who You Are was released in Germany and Canada. The album and the single Pride did very well in Germany. It also got some airplay in Canada because Collins would have been considered as Canadian Content. The album was produced by the German production trio Schallbau (Matthias Hoffmann, Ralf Hildenbeutel & Stefan Britzke). They are studio musicians with a fondness for electronica and trance. You can hear that in Pride. I did like the use of Sheldon Clare's bagpipes. You don't hear that every day on a pop record. Collins moved back to Vancouver in 2003 to start his own label. While he released two albums, Collins started the band Sound of Contact with keyboard player Dave Kerzner who he met in New York while working with Steve Hackett on a Genesis tribute record. Collins describes Sound Of Contact as progressive rock. I guess Collins is used to being compared to his dad. Sound Of Contact released an album in 2013. Kerzner left and then returned Apr. 2015. They announced at the time they were recording a new album. There has been no news since then and Collins has moved Sound Of Contact to his own website. It's unclear what Collins is doing now. Here's the video of Pride by Simon Collins.

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