Thursday, June 02, 2016

Review of The Ultimate Fighter 23 episode 7

This episode of The Ultimate Fighter 23 features Amanda Bobby Cooper vs Jamie Moyle. Both are Invicta veterans and are pretty good fighters. I'm a little spotty with the coverage of TUF because TSN in Canada airs it on a tape delay and and sometimes they cut the episode to fit a timeslot as they did a couple of weeks ago. It's no big deal because the show, especially the footage in the house, has been a snooze. Most of the fighters lack personality and they all get along so that makes it boring. Team Claudia is pitching a shutout. But Team Joanna had high hopes for Jamie. Last night TSN aired TUF beginning at 10:30. So while I'm watching the first half of the show, the fight aired on FS1 and I'm seeing the Twitter reaction to the result that there should have been a third round. Amanda was given the win after two rounds by majority decision. And Joanna yelled at the judges. After watching the fight, I'm OK with the judges decision. Round one was very close. It could have been called a draw. I don't think either fighter did enough to win the round cleanly. But in round two, Jamie was busted open by an elbow and Amanda dominated to the point where it could have been scored 10-8. Even if it had gone to a third round, there may have been too much blood to continue the fight. The UFC has posted the post fight video review instead of the actual fight. I don't know if they will post the full fight. But if they do, I will swap it out.

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