Friday, June 17, 2016

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Skid Row

Artist:Skid Row
Song:I Remember You
Album:Forty Seasons: The Best Of Skid Row

I Remember You was one of two top ten hits for Skid Row. They faded in the early 90s mostly because music had changed and Skid Row's brand of hard rock wasn't popular anymore. They are still around. Skid Row was formed in Toms River, NJ in 1986 by bassist Rachel Bolan (real name-James Southworth) and guitarist and founding member of Bon Jovi Dave "The Snake" Sabo. These two wrote most of Skid Row's songs. Southworth took the name Bolan as a tribute to Marc Bolan. He was a backup singer before Skid Row. Through newspaper ads, they recruited guitarist Scotti Hill, drummer Rob Affuso and singer Matt Fallon. Fallon was replaced by 18 year old Sebastian Bach (real name-Sebastian Bierk) when he sang at a friend's wedding. Bach is from Peterborough, ON. Sabo used his friendship with John Bongiovi to get Skid Row a record deal with Atlantic. Their 1989 debut album Skid Row was recorded with Dokken producer Michael Wegener. But there was already an Irish band called Skid Row so they paid $35K for the name. The album did very well. It was certified 5XPlatinum. The single 18 and Life reached #4 on the Billboard Hot 100. I Remember You reached #6 on the Billboard Hot 100. Supposedly I Remember You was popular at high school proms at the time. The band began to have issues with Bach. On Dec. 27, 1989, a thrown bottle hit Bach in the head. He jumped into the crowd to beat on the guy. Then he wore an anti-gay T-shirt on stage. Bach said it was given to him by a fan and he didn't read it before wearing it. Skid Row's 1991 album Slave To The Grind didn't do as well as the first album and there were no hit singles. The rise of Grunge was affecting Skid Row and they took time off after touring hoping that Grunge would fade. But it didn't and Skid Row left Atlantic after the 1995 album Subhuman Race didn't sell. Bach was fired in 1996 after he booked Skid Row to open a tour for Kiss without talking to Bolan. This comp covers their Atlantic recordings and it was released in 1998. At this point it looked like Skid Row was through. Bolan had formed a new band Prunella Scales but he decided to reform Skid Row in 1999 with new lead singer Johnny Solinger. Bach released his debut solo album in 1999. Skid Row has released a couple of CDs and they still tour. Bolan and Sabo still lead Skid Row. Last year, Solinger was fired and replaced by Tony Harnell of the Norwegian band TNT. Then he left and ZP Theart from DragonForce is Skid Row's lead singer on their current tour. They haven't decided if he is a permanent replacement. Here's the video for I Remember You by Skid Row.

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