Wednesday, June 08, 2016

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Kongos

Song:Come With Me Now

Though I'm sure all of you are now familiar with Come With Me Now, it took three years for it to become a hit and make Kongos stars. Kongos is a family group of brothers Johnny, Jesse, Daniel and Dylan Kongos. They are the sons of veteran South African rocker John Kongos, best known for the 1971 hit He's Gonna Step On You Again. Supposedly this was the first record to use tape loops and sampling. After that, Kongos ran a successful recording studio in London and wrote music for movies and TV, most significantly Fraggle Rock. In 1996, the Kongos family moved to Phoenix. Not surprisingly, the four Kongos brothers got into music. They all sing and write songs. Daniel Kongos plays guitar. Dylan Kongos plays bass and slide guitar. Jesse Kongos plays drums and Johnny Kongos plays keyboards and accordion. They released their debut CD in 2007 on their dad's label Tokoloshe. Then Lunatic was released in 2011. At first they had success in South Africa and Europe. Then Kongos broke through when Come With Me Now was used as the theme for the WWE's 2014 Extreme Rules PPV and in the film Expendables 3. This got them a deal with Epic Records and Come With Me Now became a hit. It seemed like an overnight success but it actually took three years for the song to get airplay and distribution. Kongos has a different sound from other bands because of their dad's influence and his South African roots. Kongos' new album Egomaniac is out this week and they are currently on a US tour. We'll see if they can follow up on their success. Here's the video for Come With Me Now by Kongos.

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