Wednesday, June 15, 2016

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Jack White & Alicia Keys

Artist:Jack White & Alicia Keys
Song:Another Way To Die
Album:Quantum Of Solace: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Conventional wisdom says that when two high profile musicians collaborate on a James Bond theme, it's a sure chart topper. But this theme from the 2008 film Quantum Of Solace did not live up to those expectations and now it's forgotten. Former White Stripes leader Jack White is clearly a very talented guy. I think he stretches himself way too thin. Sometimes great musicians try to do too much. The original plan for the theme of Quantum Of Solace was for Amy Winehouse to sing a song to be written and produced by her regular producer Mark Ronson. Ronson decided that Winehouse wasn't in good enough health to record anything. So Quantum Of Solace composer David Arnold contacted Jack White. White had wanted to record with Alicia Keys and he thought a high profile James Bond theme would be a good vehicle for them to work together. She agreed and she went to White's studio in Nashville. White wrote the song. The video was shot while both were in Toronto for the Toronto International Film Festival in Sept. 2008. When the single was released, the main criticism of the song is it was clunky and didn't really work as a James Bond theme. I agree with that. It was the first time a duet was a Bond theme and it just seemed very awkward. And the poor chart performance reflected that. It reached #81 on the Billboard Hot 100. The soundtrack of Quantum Of Solace is available as a budget CD. Another Way To Die also appears on the deluxe edition of the 2008 Alicia Keys CD As I Am. It's a song that should have been a big hit but it's now forgotten. One might suggest that Alicia could have recorded solo. But remember White brought her in so that probably wasn't an option two months before the film's release. Here's the video of Another Way To Die by Jack White & Alicia Keys.

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