Friday, January 01, 2016

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Io Shirai vs Meiko Satomura

Happy new year, joshi fans! Here's the match video of Meiko Satomura defending the World Of Stardom championship against Io Shirai from the Dec. 23 Stardom show. I have been waiting for this match to pop up on Daily Motion so I could bring it to you. BTW, if you have a smart TV with Roku, you can use the Daily Motion Roku channel to watch this match in HD. Because that's what I did. Of course you can also watch it right here on the blog. But that's why I love Roku. They begin this video with the history leading up to this match. Mostly it's about Meiko winning the belt a while back from Kairi Hojo and Hojo coming to the conclusion that only Io can bring the title back to Stardom. Of course Meiko doesn't work for Stardom. It's also going to be a better match than anything with Hojo. Meiko may be 35 years old and she may have slowed down due to her back problems. But she knows her limitations and can still deliver a great match. Io did a lot of the high flying in this match as Meiko doesn't do much of that anymore. For the last few months, Io has been trying out different types of gear. For this match, she returned to her old style of costume though the costume itself is new. She looks great. The match starts slowly as Meiko controls the first part of the match by grounding Io. Io took a beating in this match. Io takes the match to the floor with a suicide dive. Then she does a moonsault from the Korakuen Hall balcony. Back in the ring, Meiko uses kicks to ground Io and tries to put her to sleep. But Io reaches the ropes and that's when the tide begins to turn. She sets Meiko up for her top rope moonsault. But Meiko gets her knees up. After some near falls, Io turns things around with a few moves including a dragon suplex. This time she hits her top rope moonsault and Io Shirai is the new World Of Stardom champion. Io has been a great champ before and I know she will be a great champ again. I will be very interested to see who Stardom brings in for April's anniversary show. That's their biggest show of the year. On a sad note, Act Yasukawa retired on this show after the brutal and unnecessary beating she took from Yoshiko in Feb. I presume Act will return to modelling as she works for the same agency as Kairi Hojo. Act returned to Stardom in Sept. but she said in an interview that she was still experiencing double vision that is unlikely to go away. Considering her injuries, I was surprised she returned so quickly and I was doubtful that she would return at all. Good luck to Act and enjoy the video.
Meiko Satomura vs. Io Shirai on 12/23/15 by purocentral

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