Monday, January 25, 2016

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Keith Urban

Artist:Keith Urban f/Eric Church
Song:Raise 'Em Up

So if you are country music star Keith Urban and your record sales are starting to fall off, a good way to keep yourself relevant is to record duets with singers who are at the top of the charts. So with his 2013 CD Fuse, Urban recorded We Were Us with Miranda Lambert. That topped the country charts. Raise 'Em Up with Eric Church was the fifth single from the album. So it didn't top the charts but it reached #8 on the Country Singles chart. It's good strategy. Both guys are on Capitol Records. Right now, Church is a much bigger star than Urban. If Church's fans like the song, they buy a Keith Urban record that they normally wouldn't buy. And maybe they get into Urban's back catalog. There's no down side to this. Urban writes and produces a lot of his music usually with long time producer Nathan Chapman. With Fuse, Urban went in a more pop music direction than previous albums. He wanted to see how far he could go before it's not him. Raise 'Em Up was written by Nashville songwriting veterans Tom Douglas, Jaren Johnston and Jeffrey Steele. Urban sent a demo to Church with the intention of recording it as a duet. Church loved the song and that was it. It did very well. Urban is currently a judge on the final season of American Idol. In October, Urban announced that his next CD Ripcord will get a 2016 release. Do you think it might come out during the final season of AI and he performs a song on the show? Here's the video for Raise 'Em Up by Keith Urban featuring Eric Church.

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