Wednesday, January 20, 2016

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Ojos De Brujo

Artist:Ojos De Brujo
Song:Ventilaor R-80

The Spanish group Ojos De Brujo mixes traditional flamenco with hip hop. This got them a lot of international attention about ten years ago. The 2002 CD Bari is probably their best known CD. Ohos De Brujo translates to Eyes Of The Wizard. Lead singer and main songwriter Marina Abad started hanging around with flamenco musicians like guitarist Ramon Giminez and percussionist Xavi Turull. They brought in musicians like guitarist Paco Lomena and percussionists Sergio Ramos and Maxwell Wright. They decided to add DJ Panko on the turntable and see if they could mix flamenco with hip hop. This went very well with the 2002 CD Bari which was a big seller in Europe. They did several collaborations with hip hop artists worldwide. Ojos De Brujo likely would have been bigger if they had continued but they disbanded after the 2009 CD Aocana. Marina Abad is now known as Marinah. She released a CD in 2013. Ojos De Brujo is recommended to flamenco fans looking for something different. Here's Ojos De Brujo performing Ventilaor R-80 on Later with Jools Holland 2004.

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