Tuesday, January 12, 2016

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Old Dominion

Artist:Old Dominion
Song:Break Up With Him
Album:Meat and Candy

With a name like Old Dominion, you might think they are an old school country music throwback band. You would be wrong. They did score a top five country music hit with their debut single Break Up With Him. And now that their debut CD is finally out, it's doing OK too. I'll get to that pet peeve in a minute. The leaders of Old Dominion are lead singer Matthew Ramsey and guitarist and keyboard player Trevor Rosen. Ramsey is from the Roanoke, VA area and Rosen is from Detroit. They met in 2003 after moving to Nashville. Drummer Whit Sellers knew Ramsey as they went to competing high schools in Virginia. While attending James Madison University, Sellers met bassist Geoff Sprung and guitarist Brad Tursi. They all moved to Nashville and formed Old Dominion with Ramsey and Rosen. Old Dominion is the nickname for the state of Virginia and most of the band is from Virginia. The band was formed to showcase songs they had written for other artists like The Band Perry, Kenny Chesney and the TV series Nashville. Producer Shane McAnally convinced them to record and an EP was self released Oct. 2014. McAnally is best known for producing Kacey Musgraves. Break Up With Him was on the EP and it was released as a single in Jan. 2015. It reached #3 on the Country Singles chart and it led to a deal with RCA Records. So now they had to record an album while they went on tour opening for Kenny Chesney. The album was finally released Oct. 2015 and it's doing OK. But I think the delay hurt CD sales as fans who liked the single probably forgot about Old Dominion. Attention spans are notoriously short these days. The second single Snapback was released yesterday and Old Dominion will tour to support it. I looked at this song a few months ago before the album was released. It looks like RCA chose to have Old Dominion tour in the summer rather than finish the album. I don't think that was the best choice but I think Old Dominion will be OK. Here's the video for Break Up With Him by Old Dominion. Take note of the Back To The Future reference.

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