Tuesday, August 06, 2013

WWE Total Divas Episode 2 review

Here is the full video of episode 2 of WWE Total Divas. So with the first episode, the characters were introduced and put into context. This episode has three storylines. Usually with scripted reality shows, the producers are going for embarrassing comedy. Two of the three stories succeed in that goal. The episode begins at a Roanoke, VA episode of RAW. Diva in training Eva Marie observes that WWE wrestler Fandango has a different dance partner each week and she thinks she could be his permanent partner. She looks at it as a shortcut to the main roster. For those not familiar with him, Fandango is supposed to be a ballroom dancer. The character's flamboyance is somewhat reminiscent of Goldust. Fandango has been in WWE developmental since 2006 usually wrestling as Johnny Curtis. He's a pretty good wrestler but he lacks charisma so he was given this character. When he first came up to the main roster, the WWE hired local dancers to come out with Fandango. Eventually they would have to find him a regular partner so she could be used in storylines. Eva Marie tells WWE VP of Talent Relations Jane Geddes that she would like to be Fandango's partner. She tells Jane that she is a trained dancer. As we soon find out, Eva Marie lied but thought she could fake her way through it. She arranges a meeting with Fandango. BTW, he doesn't play Fandango at the meeting. The other diva in training Jo Jo warns Eva Marie not to go through with this because she will just be embarrassed and maybe fired. And that's exactly what happens at a rehearsal before RAW. The end result is Stephanie McMahon almost fires Eva Marie. Well, they can't fire her. She's in the rest of the episodes. BTW, Fandango now has a regular partner. She is former lingerie football player Summer Rae who wrestles at NXT. Meanwhile, The Bella Twins take John Cena's private jet to his mansion in Florida and then to Bryan Danielson's home in Aberdeen, WA. The main concern is the show makes Danielson look like a lumberjack and Nikki is concerned that his lifestyle isn't extravagant enough for Brie. It's a legit concern and it sets up drama in upcoming episodes. In the third story, Ariane of The Funkadactyls doesn't think their costumes are sexy enough. All of their costumes are made by WWE seamstress Sandra. So she gets costumes from someone else. The problem was Ariane forgot that Trinity is bigger than her and is concerned that her junk will hang out of the new costume. So they go back to Sandra. After she yells at them, Ariane promises not to do it again. The Eva Marie storyline is the funniest of the three and it is the least likely to have happened. It's normal for stupidity to rule in scripted reality shows. I expect more of the same in future episodes. Check out the video!
WWE Total Divas S01E02 - Full Show (HDTV) by xRicardo109

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