Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Review of WWE Total Divas episode 4

Here's the video for the fourth episode of WWE Total Divas. The main topic of this episode is breast implants. This has been a topic of discussion among fans for years. In the 90s, breast implants became standard equipment for WWE Divas and they still are today. Not all the girls get them so guessing which ones do have them is probably a pretty good drinking game. The WWE doesn't encourage the girls to get breast implants but they don't discourage them either. When the Bella Twins returned to the WWE a few months ago, I noticed that Nikki got breast implants and Brie didn't. So they aren't really twins anymore. The episode begins with Nikki Bella and Nattie Neidhart shopping for lingerie. Nattie complains that her fiancee TJ Wilson hasn't been romantic while he is recovering from a knee injury. TJ wrestles for the WWE as Tyson Kidd. TJ and Nattie have known each other since they were kids growing up in Calgary. They have been dating since 2001 and came to the WWE together. So Nikki gets Nattie to buy something to help her love life. Nattie is skeptical. Meanwhile, we find out that the reason Brie Bella didn't get breast implants is because she thinks they make Nikki look fat. The girls have a SummerSlam photo shoot coming up and Brie wants to lose a few pounds. We can all see she doesn't need to lose weight and boyfriend Bryan Danielson tells her that. They have lunch with Nikki and Brie is upset when Nikki orders a dessert. She convinces Nikki to join her in losing weight for the photo shoot. Nikki doesn't want to do it but wants to be a good sister. Of course she cheats and they argue. But they get over it. I think Brie's obsession about being thin is unhealthy and sets a bad example for young girls. She seems oblivious to that. Nattie goes home to see TJ and he's watching wrestling of course. Her attempts to get him to be romantic don't work. That includes her new lingerie. And she wants to know when they will get married. He takes her to the courthouse. Like a lot of guys, he doesn't want a formal wedding and doesn't think they need to get married. But Nattie wants a wedding in front of her family. She's upset with him but he agrees to a wedding that we will get to see later in the season. Ariane of The Funkadactyls tells her partner Trinity she wants breast implants. Trinity thinks she's crazy but she goes with Ariane to a consultation with a plastic surgeon. They drag Trinity's fiancee Jon along. So I'm starting to think this whole storyline is baloney. He didn't need to be there. But a model shows the girls her implants and wants them to feel her breasts. Trinity brings Jon in from the waiting room to feel her breasts and he gets embarrassed. The surgeon loans Ariane implants to try out and the rest of the story is lame attempts at humour at Ariane's expense. She doesn't seem too bright. Ariane comes to RAW and wants the implants sewn into her costume to try them out. But Nikki steals one of them as a prank and it doesn't go well. So the likely truth is Ariane is interested in getting implants. But when she found out she would have to take a month off after the surgery, that ended the discussion. The rest of the story was baloney. I can believe some of the stories but not this one. I don't think the producers care if the stories are believable. And the ratings are great and E! has ordered six more episodes. Who can argue with that? Check out the video for yourself.
wwe total divas episode 4 by Leo_Phillipmaney

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