Sunday, August 04, 2013

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Amanda Nunes vs Sheila Gaff

Here is the video of Amanda Nunes vs Sheila Gaff from last night's UFC show in Brazil. Amanda is the better fighter and I thought if she took Sheila down, she would beat Sheila easily as Sheila has no ground skills. She likes to punch. But the last time we saw Amanda, she gave a very poor performance in a loss to Sarah D'Alelio, a fighter she should have beaten. Amanda said afterwards that she was under the weather. So I would like to see more consistency as she is aggressive and has beaten good fighters in the past. For the second time in the UFC, Sheila exhibits very poor strategy by climbing on Amanda's back. That's not her game. Her game is striking. Amanda throws her off and mounts her. But Sheila is able to escape. But it doesn't last long and Amanda takes her down again and pounds her enough to stop the fight. Amanda Nunes wins her first UFC fight by TKO. She said afterwards that she would like a rematch with Alexis Davis. They fought a couple of years ago in Strikeforce. Amanda was winning until the momentum from a takedown put her under Alexis and Alexis won by TKO. I wouldn't mind seeing a rematch. Enjoy the video!

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