Sunday, August 25, 2013

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Bluesology

Song:Come Back Baby
Album:To Be Continued...

This obscure 1965 single is notable because it is the first song written and sung by Elton John. Back then he used his real name Reg Dwight. Bluesology recorded two singles and then became Long John Baldry's backup band. In 1960 in the London suburb of Middlesex, 13 year old organist Reg Dwight and his neighbour guitarist Stu Brown were in The Corvettes. When that band split up, they formed Bluesology with bassist Rex Bishop and drummer Mick Inkpen. Dwight says the name Bluesology was a tribute to the Django Reinhardt album Djangology and the Modern Jazz Quartet song Bluesology. They started out playing local London clubs and in 1963 had a regular weekly gig at the Establishment Club playing mostly blues covers. In 1965, an agency hired them to back up visiting American acts like The Isley Brothers and Doris Troy. A demo got Bluesology a deal with Fontana Records. Come Back Baby was the first single. Dwight wrote the song and sang lead. It was his first appearance on record so it has historical significance. You'll notice I didn't say it is good. That and the second single Mr. Frantic were unsuccessful. Bluesology went back to being a backup band and eventually Dwight and Brown and a new version of Bluesology became Long John Baldry's regular band in 1966. Dwight left in 1967 to become a session musician. Meanwhile, he met Bernie Taupin and they started writing songs together. We all know what happened next. The name Elton John comes from Bluesology sax player Elton Dean and Long John Baldry. Come Back Baby is only available on this 5CD Elton John box set which is out of print. The song is available on mp3. Stu Brown and Bluesology recorded one more single and then split up. Brown led the country rock band Cochise. They recorded three albums in the early 70s. Here's a video for Come Back Baby by Bluesology.

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