Thursday, August 15, 2013

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Lee Aaron

Artist:Lee Aaron
Song:Whatcha Do To My Body
Album:Powerline: The Best of Lee Aaron

In the 80s, Lee Aaron used a mix of sex appeal and hard rock to become Canada's Metal Queen. She had some success in Canada with songs like Whatcha Do To My Body but was never able to break through elsewhere. She seemed to have trouble getting a decent record deal. Today she is a jazz singer. She was born Karen Lynn Greening July 21, 1962 in Belleville, ON and grew up in Brampton. As a teen, she joined a band called Lee Aaron and when she became lead singer, she took Lee Aaron as her stage name. Her manager Rob Connolly fired the rest of the band. Her 1982 album The Lee Aaron Project was produced by Rik Emmett of Triumph and a lot of Toronto's top rock musicians played on it. Connolly thought that emphasizing Aaron's sex appeal was a good way to get attention and he convinced her to pose topless in Oui Magazine. It probably hurt her musical credibility and she regretted doing it. Maybe that's why she had trouble getting a record deal. Lee signed with Attic Records in Canada in 1984 and she also started working with former Wrabit guitarist John Albani. The two wrote most of Lee's songs. She appeared on the cover of her 1984 album Metal Queen in a sword and sorcery outfit and this earned her the name Canada's Metal Queen. Lee toured and even got a record deal with the Virgin label 10 Records. But the label closed and nothing was ever released. Lee had her biggest success with the 1989 album Bodyrock and Whatcha Do To My Body was a top 30 hit in Canada. And the video got a lot of play on MuchMusic. But the hard rock scene was fading in Toronto in the early 90s. She left Attic in 1992. This comp covers her Attic recordings. She recorded a couple of CDs on her own label. And then with the 2000 CD Slick Chick, Lee Aaron reinvented herself as a jazz singer. She says she loved jazz as a child and it was always her first love. Lee Aaron last released a CD in 2006 and continues to play clubs. That's a long way from Canada's Metal Queen. Here's the video for Whatcha Do To My Body by Lee Aaron.

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