Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Review of WWE Total Divas episode 3

Here's the video for episode three of WWE Total Divas. As in the second episode, the show has three storylines. All of them are about relationships and I expect that to continue. This episode begins with The Bella Twins explaining why they sometimes seem like idiots. I come to the conclusion that they seem like idiots because they are idiots. And then they proceed to behave like idiots in this episode. Brie Bella wants to move from San Diego to Phoenix so she can spend more time with her dog. Keep in mind that their mom lives in Phoenix. But that's not shallow enough for the show producers. The problem is she hasn't told her sister about the move. Once she does, we can see why. They constantly fight about it. It even leads to Brie being late to a meeting about a potential film. From what I could tell, the film producer and director are real but they aren't a-listers. So this silly arguing continues until John Cena does his best Dr. Phil and explains to girlfriend Nikki that she is being selfish. Then the twins kiss and make up. Well, it made Cena look good. Meanwhile, divas in training Eva Marie and Jo Jo are training in Florida under the watchful eye of NXT head trainer Bill DeMott. Some of you will recognize Sara Del Rey standing next to him. Jo Jo forgets to tuck her head taking a body slam and suffers a concussion. So she is pulled from training. Her boyfriend comes to visit and proceeds to force her to choose between him or the WWE. This is a serious issue that happens to a lot of women in the wrestling business. The insecure boyfriend not in the wrestling business gives her an ultimatum. That's why a lot of girls date wrestlers these days. Jo Jo breaks up with him and after agonizing over it, she feels a lot better after a talk with Nattie Neidhart. Life goes on at NXT. Trinity of the Funkadactyls is engaged to Jon Fatu Jr. AKA Jimmy Uso. Jon and his twin brother Joshua wrestle as the Uso Brothers and are the sons of former WWE wrestler Rikishi. Jon complains that Trinity isn't wearing her engagement ring and they argue and he threatens to break the engagement. He wants to get married and she doesn't seem ready. Then they go to RAW in Kansas City and discover that they are on the opposite sides of a mixed tag team match. The match was not on RAW. It was taped for WWE Superstars. And to add to this, Trinity's partner Ariane is sick and probably shouldn't be there. During the match, Trinity is in the ring with Jon and takes him down with a flying head scissors. Before you scoff, Trinity has athletic ability from her days as an Orlando Magic cheerleader. She seems to be able to do those kind of spots but has trouble with the basics. This turns out to be a catalyst and Trinity and Jon resolve their differences and remain engaged...for now. Jon seems like a nice guy but Trinity seems insecure. She explains that the WWE wants the Divas to look available and that's why she doesn't wear her engagement ring. Uh huh. Next week Nattie Neidhart will deal with her fiancee Tyson Kidd and I understand the subject of breast implants comes up. The show is certainly doing well in the ratings. Check out this week's episode for yourself.
wwe total divas episode 3 by Leo_Phillipmaney

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