Monday, February 11, 2013

Miesha Tate vs Cat Zingano set for Apr. 13 UFC show

Miesha Tate, Cat Zingano
Though it hasn't been officially announced yet, Adam Hill of the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported this afternoon that Miesha Tate will face Cat Zingano on the Apr. 13 UFC show. This is to be The Ultimate Fighter finale at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. So finally women's MMA fans can stop the ridiculous hand wringing about if the UFC will have another women's match after next week. Of course the other side of that is idiots who are hoping there will only be one women's match in the UFC. Both sides are out to lunch. I can't comment on why Dana White chose to delay any announcement of women's matches until after next week. But the anxiety over that delay makes no sense. I believe the other fighters under UFC contract are Cris Cyborg, Sara McMann and Alexis Davis. Cyborg has asked for her release but that doesn't mean she will be released. Cat Zingano is undefeated but has fought mainly on regional shows in Colorado. She signed with Strikeforce and was supposed to fight Amanda Nunes. The fight didn't happen when the show was cancelled. Miesha Tate is a big step up in competition for Cat. After her fight in August where Miesha escaped with a win over Julie Kedzie, will she ever return to form. I don't think she knows either. We will find out as Cat is a tough opponent. Some fans have asked me who I think will sign with the UFC. In her last fight, Sarah Kaufman not only lost, she got smoked. Then she got hurt. She has a fight coming up against Leslie Smith on the Apr. 6 Invicta show. I believe she has to win that fight in a convincing manner to get a UFC contract. And Leslie could earn a UFC contract if she wins. Amanda Nunes may have lost her UFC opportunity when she lost in Invicta last month. She also needs to win over Kaitlin Young on the Apr. 6 Invicta show to get that back. Julie Kedzie is currently recovering from rotator cuff surgery. I would like to see the UFC sign Marloes Coenen but I think there is still bad blood between the UFC and Golden Glory. She is under contract to Invicta but they would let her go if she got a UFC offer. I have been asked about Rin Nakai. She is under contract to Pancrase and I don't see Pancrase owner Sakai selling her contract. She's one of his biggest draws and he's loaded. He doesn't need the money. I think that's it. I'm not aware of any other fighters in Japan or Europe that should be considered.

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