Tuesday, February 19, 2013

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-The Stills

Artist:The Stills
Album:Without Feathers

When the Canadian band The Stills emerged in 2003, they were hailed for their post punk sound. But a major personnel change resulted in a change in direction to roots rock for the 2006 CD Without Feathers. Though the CD was more successful, conflict within the band led to their 2011 demise. The Stills were from Montreal and the band members went to school together. Tim Fletcher was lead singer, Greg Paquet was on guitar, Oliver Crowe was on bass and Dave Hamelin was on drums. They all played in other bands before forming the Stills in 2000. They signed with Vice Records and released the 2003 EP Rememberese and the 2004 CD Logic Will Break Your Heart. The band was hailed for their post punk sound and they opened for bands like Interpol. But then Greg Paquet left to go back to school. Hamelin took over on guitar and the band added keyboard player Liam O'Neil and drummer Julian Blais. It appears that Hamelin took a more active role in songwriting and vocals and Fletcher took a back seat to him. This resulted in a more mainstream rock sound that got them some radio airplay in the US. The Stills switched to Arts & Crafts records for the 2008 CD Oceans Will Rise. And though they won two Juno awards, The Stills announced their breakup in Apr. 2011 after Paquet returned in 2010. Hamelin and O'Neil have formed Eight and a Half with Justin Peroff of Broken Social Scene. Their debut CD was released last year. Without Feathers is available as a budget CD and is worth checking out. Here's the video for Destroyer by The Stills.

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