Thursday, February 07, 2013

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Shelley Fabares

Artist:Shelley Fabares
Song:Johnny Angel
Album:The Ultimate Rock & Roll Collection: The 60s

Most folks should be familiar with Shelley Fabares as an actress most recently in the 90s sitcom Coach. But in 1961 she had a number one hit with Johnny Angel while she was starring in the sitcom The Donna Reed Show. She was born Jan. 19, 1944 in Santa Monica, CA. Her aunt Nanette Fabray had been a child actor and grew up to be an accomplished musical performer. She starred in the 1953 film the Band Wagon with Fred Astaire. After appearing in a few films and TV shows, most significantly the Loretta Young Show, Shelly won the role of Mary Stone in The Donna Reed Show in 1958. The show was a big hit. Obviously influenced by Ricky Nelson, Columbia Pictures wanted to turn the teen stars of the show into pop stars. Paul Petersen had a hit with She Can't Find Her Keys. Donna Reed's husband and show executive producer Tony Owen wanted to do the same for Shelley. Colpix Records house producer Stu Phillips produced Johnny Angel and it topped the charts in 1961. Johnny Angel was written by Lyn Duddy and Lee Pockriss. Pockriss wrote a lot of pop songs of the era including Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. Darlene Love and The Blossoms sang backup vocals. Shelley was very intimidated by them as she didn't think of herself as a singer. After a couple of albums she quit singing and returned to acting. You can get Johnny Angel on this Collectables various artists comp. Shelley starred in three films with Elvis Presley in the 60s. She did a lot of TV guest shots in the 70s and had a recurring role in the sitcom One Day At A Time. And she starred with Craig T. Nelson in the 90s sitcom Coach. Shelley has been married to Mike Farrell of MASH since 1984. She seems to be semi retired now and has done only voiceover work in recent years. She plays Ma Kent in the Superman animated series. She underwent a liver transplant in 2000. Here's Shelley Fabares performing Johnny Angel in The Donna Reed Show 1961.

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