Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Emi Fujino vs Monica Lovato added to May 19 PANCRASE show

Emi Fujino
PANCRASE announced today that they have added another women's match to the May 19 Differ Ariake show. Of course they already announced Rin Nakai vs Brenda Gonzales. In a match contracted for 52kg, Emi Fujino will face Monica Lovato. Fujino trains at WK Gods. Her record is 11-6 and her last fight was a loss to Ayaka Hamasaki on the Dec. 15 JEWELS show. Fujino debuted in 2004 and won her first eight fights. Since then she has struggled against a higher level of competition with losses to Hamasaki, Megumi Fujii and Kyoko Takabayashi. 13 of her 17 fights have gone to a decision. So though she defends well, she doesn't seem to be able to finish fights either. I think she is a good fighter but she has been unable to get to the next level. Monica Lovato trains at FIT NHB in Albuquerque, NM so she is a teammate to Brenda Gonzales. UFC fighter Tim Means trains both of them. Monica started out as a boxer and from 2004 to 2008 she compiled an 11-2 record and held a couple of titles. She switched to MMA and has a 5-3 record. Her last fight was a loss to Sarah Alpar on the May 12 King of the Cage show in Santa Fe, NM. Later in the year, Alpar lost to Gonzales. That's regional MMA for you. This will be Monica's second trip to Japan as she lost to WINDY Tomomi on the Sept. 5, 2010 PANCRASE show. Monica normally fights at 125lb so she is dropping to 115 for this fight. Fujino should be the favourite in this fight. I'm sure she is well aware of Monica's boxing skills.

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