Monday, February 18, 2013

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Dodgy

Song:In A Room
Album:Ace A's & Killer B's

The 60s influenced band Dodgy had success in their native England in the mid-90s but never crossed the pond to America. They are worth checking out. The band was at first called Purple when they began in 1988 with lead singer and bassist Nigel Clark, Matthew Priest on drums and David Griffiths on guitar. They moved from Redditch to London and bassist Frederic Colier joined. Griffiths was fired and Clark switched to guitar. They felt they needed a lead guitarist and they hired Aussie Ben Lurie. But after one week in the band, he left to join The Jesus and Mary Chain. Then they hired Andy Miller. Colier left and Clark took over the bass. Then the band name was changed to Dodgy. They signed with A & M Records and released three albums from 1993 to 1998. They had some success in England with hits like Staying Out For The Summer, In A Room, Good Enough and If You're Thinking Of Me. But then Nigel Clark left to go solo in 1998 and Dodgy was dropped by A & M. This budget CD is a good intro to their music. Priest and Miller continued Dodgy with three new members and released a CD in 2001. Clark returned to Dodgy in 2007 and the band recorded two live CDs. They released their first CD of new music in a decade with the 2012 CD Stand Upright In A Cool Place. They are currently touring England. Dodgy is recommended to fans of Britpop. Here's the video for In A room by Dodgy.

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