Saturday, February 23, 2013

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Willie Colon

Artist:Willie Colon f/Ruben Blades
Song:Buscando Guayaba
Album:Siembra: 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

Willie Colon is a legend of Latin music as a trombonist, bandleader, producer and arranger. He probably had his biggest commercial success as a bandleader in the 70s first with singer Hector Lavoe and then Ruben Blades. Blades would go on to a significant solo career. Colon was born Apr. 28, 1950 in The Bronx, NY. His parents were Puerto Rican immigrants. He started out playing the trumpet and switched to trombone influenced by Brecker Bros. trombonist Barry Rogers. He signed with Fania Records at age 15. When a singer failed to turn up for a recording session, Fania owner Johnny Pacheco suggested Hector Lavoe. And a successful partnership was born. It lasted until 1975 when Lavoe's unreliability due to drug addiction forced Colon to fire him. He still produced his albums. Colon first met Ruben Blades in 1969 but didn't work with him until after Lavoe was fired. The two had a very successful partnership. The 1978 album Siembra was their biggest seller. You can get it in a deluxe edition with bonus tracks. Blades left Fania for Elektra in 1984. The two would occasionally reunite but the split was not amicable. Colon continued to record his own music and produce other artists. He still performs and records occasionally but he is very active in New York City politics. He currently heads the Latin Media Entertainment Commission for NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Anyone interested in Latin music needs to check out Willie Colon. Here's Willie Colon featuring Ruben Blades performing Buscando Guayaba probably from the late 70s.

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