Monday, March 07, 2016

PANCRASE names opponent for Syuri's MMA debut

Syuri Hondo, Kanna Akasura
Today PANCRASE announced the opponent for pro wrestler Syuri's MMA debut. It will be at PANCRASE 277 Apr. 24 at Differ Ariake. This will air live on UFC Fight Pass. They are billing her as Syuri Hondo. Her opponent is 18 year old Kanna Akasura. Kanna trains at Paraestra Matsudo which is also the home of DEEP JEWELS fighter Emi Tomimatsu. Kanna has amateur wrestling experience. Her MMA record is 3-0. She fought older ladies on VTJ shows. In her last fight in September, Kanna beat Yasuka Tamada by unanimous decision. That's like beating Methuselah. Tamada must be 50 years old. Who knows if she's any good. Since PANCRASE announced Syuri's signing, she has given up her Krush kickboxing belt. She also announced she is leaving REINA and pro wrestling to become a full time MMA fighter training with Invicta Atomweight Champion Ayaka Hamasaki at AACC. So she's going all in on MMA. Syuri has natural charisma and she has had success at kickboxing. So she has star potential if she picks up MMA and does well. I will be observing her progress very closely.

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