Monday, March 07, 2016

DEEP JEWELS needs to ditch Team DATE

After yesterday's DEEP JEWELS Shinjuku FACE show, matchmaker Shigeru Saeki complained that DEEP JEWELS was being frozen out of RIZIN and the success of RENA won't help DEEP JEWELS. Obviously he is suggesting that instead of bringing in an Italian kickboxer, they could have used a DEEP JEWELS fighter. Of course the problem is that DEEP JEWELS really sucks right now. The talent level is very low and in desperation, Saeki has hired this Team DATE group of models in the hopes of attracting dirty old men with pretty girls. The problem is none of them can fight. I don't know how long he can keep using them if they keep losing. The main event of yesterday's show didn't help. It was Emi Tomimatsu vs Saori Ishioka. Neither is a top talent. Ishioka claims to be a top draw but that was before she got married and had a baby. She hasn't been the same since she returned. Tomimatsu isn't a top fighter either but she's probably better than Ishioka right now. Tomimatsu won with a rear naked choke in round two. Maybe Ishioka will threaten to retire again. In the semi main, MIZUKI got a day off by finishing one of the DATE girls with a first round armbar. I expect we'll see MIZUKI in Invicta in the near future and then maybe the UFC. In the other matches, Mina Kurobe beat one of the Team Date girls by unanimous decision, Mei Umeo beat SARAMI by split decision and Kai beat one of the Team DATE girls by unanimous decision. So Team DATE pitched a goose egg. Get rid of them.

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