Monday, November 23, 2015

Did DEEP JEWELS find new stars on Nov. 23 show?

DEEP JEWELS had their latest show today at Shinjuku FACE. And though the top of the card had the usual retreads and failures, there may be hope further down the card that they may have found new stars. It's too early to tell. The main event had former champ Sugi Rock trying to regain her championship form. She had fallen on hard times in her recent fights. Her opponent was Mina Kurobe who has a good record but is already 39 years old. It's not really a main event fight. Sugi Rock won an easy unanimous decision but it remains to be seen how she does against stiffer competition. The semi main was even worse with Emi Tomimatsu facing SARAMI. That's two retreads for the price of one. It just shows how low the talent level is. These two have no business being anywhere near the top of the card. Emi won by split decision. But neither of them are very good so who cares. The rest of this show had this gimmicky DEEP JEWELS vs DATE nonsense. But maybe a couple of decent talent could come out of it. Veteran Emi Fujino won over 17 year old Nori DATE by unanimous decision. Supposedly the fight was more competitive than expected giving hope that Nori might be a decent fighter. Of course the flip side of that is that Fujino is overrated which is my viewpoint. Then we had 18 year old Hana DATE win what was called an upset over Pan Hui by unanimous decision. I dunno about that. Hui was a late replacement and maybe she isn't any good. In the other team match, Sachiko Fujimori won by TKO over Karei DATE which I think is the kind of result that was expected in all the team matches. So I wouldn't read too much into any of this until these newcomers face stiffer competition. DEEP JEWELS matchmaker Shigeru Saeki said that the next DEEP JEWELS show will be in March.

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