Saturday, November 14, 2015

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Arcade Fire

Artist:Arcade Fire
Song:Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
Album:The Suburbs

Arcade Fire is one of the more successful indie bands to emerge in recent years. Though they have never had a big hit single, their albums sell very well. The 2010 CD The Suburbs won the Album Of The Year Grammy. Being on a small label probably helps them a lot. There's no pressure to produce that big hit single. Arcade Fire are from Montreal. Win Butler and his brother Will Butler grew up in Texas. Their grandmother was one of The King Sisters. She was married to guitarist Alvino Rey. Win Butler moved to Montreal in 2000 to attend Concordia University. He started working on music with Josh Deu who he knew in high school. He spotted singer Regine Chassagne and Win convinced her to start working with him. Her lead vocals are a key element of the band. When Deu left the band in 2003, it looked like they would disband. Butler brought in his brother Will and Tim Kingsbury and that seemed to stabilize them. After releasing an EP, Arcade Fire signed with Merge Records. Their 2004 debut CD Funeral sold half a million copies which is excellent for an indie band. They bought a house in the Montreal suburb of Farnham and turned it into a recording studio. The success continued with the 2007 CD Neon Bible. Their 2010 CD The Suburbs was even more successful. It's a concept album about the Butler brothers upbringing in The Woodlands, TX. It was their biggest seller to date and it also won the Album of the Year Grammy. They also contributed a song to the hit film The Hunger Games. They also scored an Oscar nomination for the score of the 2013 film Her. Their 2013 CD Reflektor didn't sell as well as the Suburbs. But they are still touring and a doc about the making of the album is running the festival circuit. The band is in the process of building a new recording studio after the roof of the old one collapsed. We'll get new music from Arcade Fire after that. Here's the video for Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) by Arcade Fire.

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