Tuesday, November 03, 2015

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-The Tea Party

Artist:The Tea Party
Album:Tangents: The Tea Party Collection

No, The Tea Party is not a band extolling the virtues of the US conservative political movement. They are an alternative rock band who had success in the mid-90s in their native Canada. They were unable to break through in the US. The Tea Party are from Windsor, ON. Lead singer, guitarist and songwriter Jeff Martin, bass and keyboard player Stuart Chatwood and drummer Jeff Burrows went to high school together. They all played in bands as teens and formed The Tea Party after moving to Toronto in 1990. They released an album independently in 1991 and this led to them signing with EMI Canada and Chrysalis in the US. Martin not only wrote all the band's songs but he produced their albums. Normally a record company would insist that a new band work with an veteran producer. But The Tea Party were always self produced. Martin also incorporated Eastern music elements like the sitar into the band's music. Release is from their 1997 album Transmission which was their first album with new US record company Atlantic. Release was a charity single to benefit The White Ribbon Campaign. The song is an apology to women for how they have been treated. I noticed that part of the video was shot in an abandoned Toronto subway station. As I said, they did well in Canada and also in Australia. But they were unable to break the US market. This comp was released in 2000 and covers The Tea Party's 90s music. After the 2004 album Seven Circles, Martin quit The Tea Party to go solo. Chatwood and Burrows decided to end the band. Martin moved to Ireland and recorded a couple of solo albums. Chatwood works on a lot of video game soundtracks. The Tea Party reformed in 2011 to tour. They announced that they were going to record new music in Australia. The album The Ocean at the End was released last year on Rush's label Anthem. The Tea Party are currently touring Australia. Here's the video for Release by The Tea Party.

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