Thursday, November 05, 2015

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Asuka vs Cameron

Here's the match video of Asuka vs Cameron from last night's episode of NXT. This is for Kana fans who don't have the WWE Network. This match is a challenge for Asuka because of Cameron's lack of pro wrestling experience. Can Asuka carry her to a good match? Remember when Cameron was in the Funkadactyls a couple of years ago, she never got the chance to train. So she has been training in Orlando for the last few months and this is her first match. Asuka comes out and the crowd goes nuts for her. Cameron gets some boos because the crowd knows she isn't a good wrestler. They also chant "Asuka's gonna kill you". When Cameron attempts a kick, Asuka grabs her leg and hits a flying armbar. When Cameron reaches the ropes for a break they show her with a terrified look on her face. But she gets the jump on Asuka and some brief offense including that ridiculous split leg drop. I hate that move. Asuka escapes a Dragon sleeper and it's all downhill from there for Cameron. Among other things, she mocks Cameron's mannerisms as she did with Dana Brooke. Cameron is outraged but the crowd loves this. She also hits a couple of her patented hip attacks. Rich Brennan even calls it a hip attack. Corey Graves mentions that the move is identical to Naomi's Rear View finisher. I have news for him and everyone else. Naomi watches a lot of joshi videos and she's a big Kana fan. That's where Naomi got the move. Kana does it a lot better though. Then Asuka hits three spinning back fists, a spinning head kick and a shining wizard. Then she finishes with the Asuka Lock. The match was better than I thought it would be mostly because Asuka emphasizes her own strengths and hides Cameron's weaknesses. And hopefully Cameron can train with Asuka and learn from someone with a high level of quickness and smoothness. Asuka has been tremendous so far. Enjoy the video!
Asuka vs Cameron by MrCena456

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