Saturday, November 28, 2015

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Ham Seo Hee vs Cortney Casey

Here's the match video of Ham Seo Hee vs Cortney Casey from this morning's UFC show in Korea. Yes, I was up early this morning watching on UFC Fight Pass on my HD TV using Roku. Of course Ham's big problem is she is undersized and should be an Atomweight. She's an excellent kickboxer and has fought MMA mostly in Japan. Cortney is from Hawaii and lost her UFC debut. But she looked pretty good coming in on short notice and she has a big size advantage. She is also a kickboxer so I wasn't expecting any takedowns in this fight. Cortney won round one 10-9. She almost finished the fight with a front kick to the face. Ham just didn't do enough. She was moving backwards a lot. Round two began similarly. Cortney scored a knockdown. An accidental eye poke seemed to take some steam out of Cortney. Ham came back at the end of the round but I don't think she did enough to win the round. I scored it 10-9 for Cortney because of the knockdown but it was pretty close to a tie round. It looks like Cortney's corner led by UFC fighter Jon Tuck may have told her she was up two rounds or maybe she was tired. Because she didn't do much in round three. Ham probably scored more in the third round than in the other two rounds combined. So I gave Ham round three and I scored the fight 29-28 for Cortney. But all three judges scored round two for Ham and Ham got the win 29-28. The reaction from Cortney's corner indicates that they thought she had the fight in the bag after two rounds. It just shows you can't take anything for granted. Round two was very close and I thought this would be a split decision. It was a big win for Ham especially fighting at home where the crowd was chanting her name. They should probably have her fight in Japan next because she is very popular there too. Enjoy the video!

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  1. That was a really good fight. Ham was smaller, but she really fought hard and was very brave and buoyed by that crowd. I have not heard a crowd that loud or into a fight in a very long time. I think Ham won Rd 3 and that was the deciding factor in her victory. It's to bad Casey did not fight harder and land more effective strikes in Rd 3. You are right about Rd 2 it looked like a tie. Casey should never have taken anything for granted and poured it on in Rd 3. To bad, I could tell by the look her face and her teams faces they thought they had won. I like this fight. A smaller fighter hurt in the first round does not fold and fights back to win. One of the better fights I have seen in a while.