Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Why the WWE Divas Revolution has fallen flat

Sasha Banks
It was about a month ago that Stephanie McMahon trumpeted the WWE Divas Revolution. Everything would change and fans will love it. Of course it hasn't really turned out that way. It's been booked very poorly and fans have turned on it. Can it be fixed? That's what I'm going to talk about. This all started a few months ago after a pointless 30 second Divas match on RAW. The hashtag Give Divas A Chance was born. But the WWE didn't do anything immediately. That was their first mistake as positive reaction to Give Divas A Chance would have in turn gotten a positive response from fans. Fans want to influence positive change. Instead they had Stephanie come out to take all the credit. Fans don't react well to having an angle rammed down their throats. Since then, the WWE Divas Revolution has been booked in the worst possible way and fans at TV tapings have turned on it. To be fair, HHH wants to make women wrestlers a bigger part of the show because of the positive results at NXT. But as we saw this weekend, the Divas in NXT got a much different reaction than the WWE Divas on SummerSlam and RAW. Of course the difference is Vince McMahon isn't in charge of NXT but is in charge of the main roster. He's never been a women's wrestling fan so he may not care if the Divas Revolution gets over. And right now it's booked to fail. The other big problem is The Bella Twins. I believe that until they leave the WWE for other activities, they will remain on top because they have a lot of power. There's a rumour out there that the original plan was to have Charlotte win the WWE Divas Championship from Nikki Bella on that first episode of RAW when Stephanie introduced the angle. Supposedly, Nikki asked her boyfriend John Cena to ask Vince not to do that. And they didn't. As we have seen on WWE Total Divas, The Bella Twins are very selfish even if it hurts the business. Nikki must think she's the Fabulous Moolah who held her title for 28 years. I don't know if I would have had Nikki drop the belt immediately but I certainly would have made it the focus of the angle. Instead they have been put into three factions in random tag team matches. They have been given more ring time but fans aren't reacting well. The first sign of a real problem was on a Smackdown tag team match that went to hell in a handbasket. It's gotten worse since then. On last week's RAW during Nikki vs Sasha Banks, fans started chanting for Brock Lesnar. Then they had Sasha win by a stupid distraction finish. Then after Sasha vs Bayley rocked Saturday's NXT show, the fans in the same building shit on the SummerSlam and RAW Divas matches. They were even chanting for Sasha last night so she should have been used. The question isn't can this be fixed but does the WWE want to fix it? The first thing they need to do is have the Bella Twins go full blown heel. They seem to be reluctant to do that. They are babyfaces when facing Sasha's team and heel when facing Paige's team. That won't work. Because Sasha is the most over of any of these girls, I'd have her join up with The Bella Twins and then turn on them later. She could "injure" Brie and then go after the title. She's a great heel and I think she could turn the fans around herself. The others could be part of the mix but the factions have to go because they aren't working. Of course the WWE would like Charlotte to be champ. But her lack of experience has been obvious during the last month. But Sasha can carry any of these girls to a good match. So can Becky but I think Sasha is more over right now. I would build the whole Divas division around Sasha Banks. She can make the others better. That's probably too radical for the WWE.

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