Wednesday, August 05, 2015

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-La Sonora Dinamita

Artist:La Sonora Dinamita
Song:El Ciclon
Album:Decada De Los 80 1985-1989

Though the Colombian group La Sonora Dinamita started out in the early 60s, they had most of their success when the group was revived in the 80s. I don't think there is any connection between the two versions of the group except for the record company. The kind of music they record is called Cumbia which is a mix of Spanish influences and from when slaves were brought to South America from Africa. Supposedly Cumbia music is part of a courtship ritual. La Sonora Dinamita were formed in 1960 led by Lucho Argain and they disbanded in 1963. But the label Disco Fuentes decided to revive the name in 1975 simply because they owned the name. The group leader was Fruko Rincon who also produced their albums. They started to have success in the early 80s with songs like Mi Cucu. Melinda Yara was the lead singer. But they had a lot of different lead singers. And it didn't seem to matter much as La Sonora Dinamita was very successful throughout Latin America in the 80s. El Ciclon is from the 1988 album Mirala Como Va. The lead singer is Rodolfo Aicardi. He recorded with La Sonora Dinamita after some success with other groups. El Ciclon was written by long time arranger Luis Felipe Villenueva. La Sonora Dinamita faded in the 90s but a version of the group still performs today. This budget comp covers their late 80s hits. Here's the video for El Ciclon by La Sonora Dinamita.

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