Monday, August 31, 2015

Tecia Torres vs Michelle Waterson added to Dec. 12 UFC show

The UFC announced this afternoon that Tecia Torres vs Michelle Waterson has been added to UFC 194 Dec. 12 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. I expect this to air on the prelims on Fox Sports 1 and TSN. Both of these fighters are very popular with fans meaning both are overrated. Tecia is a one dimensional striker with no ground game. We saw this in the TUF 20 house. But she's officially undefeated because none of her opponents have ever tried to take her down. The exception was Randa Markos in the TUF house. Tecia is perceived as an exciting fighter. But her most recent win over Angela Hill was a stinker. Maybe it was the Mexican altitude. I dunno. At 115lb, Michelle is undersized. She was the 105lb champ in Invicta. She won her UFC debut over Angela Magana. But Tecia is a big step up in competition because she's ranked and a legit 115lb fighter. When Michelle came to the UFC, I predicted that her lack of size would be her undoing. I think Michelle's best shot for a win is to take Tecia down. But she might have trouble doing that. The UFC wants one of these fighters to step up, win impressively and become a top contender. My concern is we'll get one of those Greg Jackson conservative sparring exhibitions from Michelle and neither of them will look good. I want to see some aggression because that will get the winner closer to a title shot.


  1. I have a bad feeling this is one of those fights that will be disappointing to watch. Afterwards you will be telling me and others " I told you so" and you will be right. Well if the fight is bad maybe the UFC will not give the winner a title shot, and give it to a more deserving fighter. I guess we will see how this fight works out.

  2. Hmm reading your blog again, I think its Tecia that has the best chance of winning. But I could very well be wrong on this one.