Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Review of WWE Total Divas season 4 episode 2

Here's the video from last night's episode of WWE Total Divas. It's Wrestlemania week and we left off at RAW in Los Angeles with the Divas locker room berating Eva Marie for getting private wrestling training in Los Angeles. She would have been better off not going there. Again, Trinity attempts to explain what happened but jealousy rules. The WWE has invited Nattie Neidhart's dad Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart to appear at a signing during Wrestlemania week. This will be The Anvil's first public appearance since entering rehab. Next we go to the Ontario, CA airport where Paige finds out she needs to be formal at the WWE Hall Of Fame broadcast and she doesn't have a dress. When Eva Marie arrives at training the next morning, she tells Brian Kendrick what happened at RAW. He tells her the Divas get limited TV time and she's a threat to their TV time. Back to training. In Phoenix, it's clear that Brie Bella can't wait to get pregnant. Her period is late. This will be a recurring subject this season but remember she's still on TV. It's probably gas. In Tampa, Nattie is called by her mom. Her dad is misbehaving in rehab. They have to go get him. Nattie knows he has to be on his best behavior at Wrestlemania. This is a legit concern. Back in Phoenix, Brie seems disappointed that she isn't pregnant. The Bella Twins have lunch with mom and she suggests that Brie and husband Bryan Danielson have fertility tests just to be sure she can get pregnant. Oh and Brie calls "semen" "serum". They're such dopes. Nattie picks up her dad and he doesn't look very good. She has to figure out how to get him to Wrestlemania. Then we go to the fertility clinic. That speaks for itself. Danielson's jokes about it are funny. Now we go to Wrestlemania in San Jose. Alicia Fox is going to help Paige get a dress for the HOF. Somehow I don't think these two are as silly as they seem to be when the cameras are on. Alicia tells Paige that Trinity told Eva what they were saying about her. So they're going to confront her. Alicia says Paige will also get a spray tan. That's just what she needs...NOT! Nattie gets a call from her mom. Dad doesn't want to go to Wrestlemania. They're arguing about his meds. Nattie talks him into coming. Alicia brings a designer to the hotel to try and find Paige a dress. She doesn't like any of them. Nattie's dad arrives in San Jose and Nattie reads him the riot act. Next is...ahem...Paige's spray tan. This segment is funny because Paige is hilarious. But she doesn't like it. Then they go out to dinner with Trinity, Emma and significant others. Paige and Alicia confront Trinity about Eva Marie. They're arguing and Trinity's husband Jon points out that Eva Marie gets perks because the WWE likes her look. A lot of the griping about Eva Marie does seem to be jealousy. Trinity thought it was wrong. To be fair, Eva did nothing to deserve special treatment except the WWE likes her look. Does she even want to be a wrestler? Nattie and TJ have dinner with her uncle Bret Hart and his wife. They talk mostly about Nattie's dad and how guys got that way back in the day. But it doesn't end Nattie's stress. The next day, Alicia takes Paige dress shopping but ends up buying shoes instead. Paige doesn't like shopping much and she goes outside where a girl starts crying when she meets Paige. Apparently she had an eating disorder and Paige inspired her to stop it. This kind of thing does happen but it could have been set up by the producers. Finally Nattie and The Anvil have the signing and it comes off well. Nikki says she is going to confront Eva. We'll see that next week. Then we go to a Paige signing followed by Eva Marie going to an event where she will butt heads with Nikki. Enjoy the video!

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