Sunday, July 26, 2015

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Miesha Tate vs Jessica Eye

Here's the fight video for Miesha Tate vs Jessica Eye from last night's UFC show in Chicago. The winner of this fight gets a title shot probably against Ronda Rousey. Though I know a lot of fans don't want to see Miesha vs Ronda 3, the bottom line is Miesha is the only one of these girls who has stepped up and shown that she wants a title shot. She's a big step up in competition for Jessica. Jessica is mainly a striker and as we saw in her loss to Alexis Davis, she has no ground game. Though she claimed improvement in that area, I usually don't believe fighters who say stuff like that. They have to show improvement in the cage. Jessica got the edge with quicker striking in round one. But all it took was one punch to put Jessica on her back. The fight is basically over at that point. Jessica couldn't get out from bottom position just like she couldn't escape Alexis. And when Jessica came out for round two, she lost her aggression and Miesha knocked her down again. The rest of the fight was Miesha trying to disguise her lay and pray routine with enough activity to not get stood up. She was just killing time in round three. Miesha got a takedown and tried to make it look like she was going for a choke when she was just holding Jessica's wrist. She also threw some ground kicks that Miesha obviously learned training with Megumi Fujii. Ref Yves Lavigne recognized that Miesha was stalling and stood them up. The outrage over this standup was hilarious. The only supposed expert who recognized it as stalling was Luke Thomas of SB Nation. And me of course. Goldberg and Rogan's boneheaded commentary didn't help. Of course Miesha won the fight by unanimous decision and now she gets another shot at Ronda. The problem she has is the strategy she's been using to win fights over the last couple of years doesn't work on Ronda. She's going to have to come up with something else. I don't see her doing that. As for Jessica Eye, maybe she needs to go to someone like Robert Drysdale in Las Vegas to get specialized ground training. Because what she's doing now won't elevate her to top contender status. Enjoy the video!

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