Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Review of WWE Total Divas season 3 episode 4

This episode of WWE Total Divas concentrates mostly on The Bella Twins at Wrestlemania with a couple of minor detours. This show tries to present The Bella Twins as locker room leaders. But they don't put this in any kind of context and the twins have conveniently short memories. In last week's episode, Nikki Bella says she wants to talk to Eva Marie about her conflict with the other girls. The Bella Twins' issue with Eva is why should the WWE waste special training on a girl who doesn't want to be a wrestler. What the show doesn't tell you is The Bella Twins left the WWE for greener pastures in Hollywood and returned after two years of failure. When they returned, they took wrestling more seriously by necessity. Eva Marie is doing the same thing. She was hired from a Hollywood casting cattle call and forced onto the main roster with no training because she's on this show. Since her return from her health problems, the WWE explained to Eva what they planned for her. My only problem with her private training is the WWE should have recognized this would be a problem for the other girls and tell them why they decided to do this. At least she wouldn't have been blamed for it. We begin at lunch before a charity event and the girls are being nice to Eva because they are in public. So now Nikki wants to meet with her. Again The Bella Twins talk about staying in the WWE. Brie and husband Bryan Danielson will get the results of their fertility test later in the show. Danielson again jokes about The Bella Twins' stupidity. Nattie Neidhart meets with Debra Miceli AKA Madusa AKA Alundra Blayze who she is inducting into the WWE Hall Of Fame. So now Nikki and Eva talk. Eva thinks Nikki should have said something to diffuse the conflict because Nikki is supposed to be the leader. But she said nothing. The basis of the argument was Eva's Instagram post accusing the girls of being sheep. Eva got the impression that Nikki was the ringleader against her. I don't know where she got that from because that's not what she was told. Like I said before, if Mark Carrano got the girls together and explained their plans for Eva, there wouldn't have been a problem. We'll see how Eva does as a wrestler. She will be on tonight's episode of NXT. There's also The Bella Twins' condescending attitude that Eva isn't a wrestler so who cares about her. There was a time when The Bella Twins were viewed by the rest of the roster as strictly models who didn't want to be wrestlers. They've forgotten about that. Nikki asks her why she didn't train for two years. Remember it's the WWE's idea to make Eva Marie an ace and have her train in LA so she could be in demand for other things. And in case you didn't notice, Nikki parroted her sister's viewpoint. Maybe Eva is right and Nikki isn't a leader. The Bella Twins discuss this and as I've said before, they have a high opinion of their accomplishments in wrestling. They aren't as good as they think they are. So we go to the HOF ceremony and an anonymous WWE producer tells Nattie to edit her speech. This was clearly set up by the show producers to create drama. Otherwise this person wouldn't be anonymous with an altered voice. She didn't change her speech. It was fine. Next we have some scenes from the HOF including Paige wearing a black gown with Doc Martens. Ha ha. Next we have dueling autograph sessions with The Bella Twins and Eva Marie. They show some scenes from Wrestlemania. When it's over, Brie and Bryan get the results of their fertility test. The producers draw this out to a ridiculous degree. There were two commercial breaks. They both passed. On the way home, Brie decides to stay in the WWE. Somehow the show producers dragged this out for three episodes. At dinner with husband Jonathan, Eva Marie announces that she has signed with WME agent Brad Slater who also represents Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Ronda Rousey. This is a big deal though I suspect it goes over the heads of most viewers. So now we know what the WWE has planned for her. Obviously they want her to do more than WWE Films direct to video fodder. But what if she can't wrestle? Enjoy the video!

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