Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Review of WWE Total Divas season 4 episode 1

We're back with season four of WWE Total Divas. As usual, I have the video of the season premiere and I will attempt to determine fact from fiction of the series storylines. You may recall that the main cliffhanger from last season was the possibility that The Bella Twins will leave the WWE. Of course anyone who watches WWE TV knows they are still there. But on this show, they don't assume that viewers watch WWE TV. And I know plenty who watch WWE TV who don't watch Total Divas. The other big storyline is Eva Marie's comeback after health issues caused by a leaking breast implant. We begin at brunch and the girls are discussing The Bella Twins departure from the WWE. Not so fast, girls. Nattie talks about a character change that I'm pretty sure was made up for this show. As we will soon see, Nikki is having second thoughts about leaving. There is a clip from RAW just to show that it is a couple of weeks before Wrestlemania. And remember AJ Lee left the WWE right after WM. Nikki's second thoughts are because she's champ right now and it's risky to leave while on top. Her talk about working on her "craft" for eight years is laughable considering The Bella Twins left for two years and failed in Hollywood. And of course she's living with John Cena. Look, we all know she's a fraud. I guess she thinks if she repeats saying this junk enough, someone will believe her. Nattie goes to see WWE talent stooge Mark Carrano. He tells her not to assume that The Bella Twins are leaving. They haven't decided yet. Nattie wants to do a dominatrix character which will never happen because the WWE wants to be PG. But it's a good way to make Nattie look foolish on this show. She brings up Eva Marie but Carrano tells her that Eva will be training in Los Angeles. The girls are under the impression that she is supposed to be training at the WWE Performance Center in Tampa. This is perceived as special treatment and it won't go over well. The WWE thinks that Eva Marie can replace The Bella Twins despite the fact that Eva has shown neither an interest in training or much pro wrestling aptitude. Of course they like her because of her looks. She lives in Los Angeles but was going to train in Tampa. Former WWE wrestler Brian Kendrick was in Tampa as a guest trainer and he appeared on a couple of episodes of NXT. He lives in Los Angeles and he has a ring. So they hired Kendrick to train Eva Marie. Training in Los Angeles would make it easier if there are media requests for her. Obviously this change was made at the last minute so Eva was unable to tell everyone about it. The other girls think this is a big deal but she's just doing what she was told. And as you will see in this episode, Kendrick is an excellent trainer. Eva is in NXT now and I think she's on tonight's show. We'll see how she looks. I would laugh my head off if she used Kendrick's finisher the Sliced Bread. He's not taking it easy on her. He knows what the WWE wants. Meanwhile, the other girls think Eva Marie lied about going to NXT. But as Trinity points out, she didn't know until the last minute. All this just shows that the WWE is out to lunch about women wrestlers. Putting all their eggs in the Eva Marie basket is misguided because of her lack of experience especially when NXT wrestlers like Sasha Banks are ready to go. The Bella Twins talk to Carrano about Eva Marie and he explains it was the WWE's idea to have her train in LA. Nikki also says that they have thrown more money at her to get her to stay. Nattie takes Trinity and husband Jon Fatu Jr. to a sex shop to look into this dominatrix nonsense. This is so stupid. And then she invites a real dominatrix to her home and her husband TJ freaks out. In the end, she had a jacket made and didn't go any farther with the dominatrix stuff. I hate filler. At a restaurant, the girls are talking about Eva Marie. They are upset with her when as Trinity points out, they are upset that the company wants to give her one of their spots. The WWE is going to do what they want even if it's stupid. The next day, Eva is not into training. But Kendrick won't put up with it. He knows that she has to get used to the wear and tear. Kendrick wants her to do a leapfrog which is a standard ring move. But she's never done it. After failing twice, he tells her to take a break. She admits to Jonathan that the talk is getting to her. She goes back in and does an ugly leapfrog. But you'll notice that Kendrick congratulates her. He's a great trainer. So now the WWE is in Los Angeles for Wrestlemania. Nikki tells Brie that she plans to sign a new WWE contract. Brie is not convinced. Of course Eva comes backstage and it's not pleasant. But first, Nikki tells the girls that she's staying. The final scene is the big confrontation between Eva Marie and the other girls. Eva does not explain her position well and she leaves. And that's it until next week. Enjoy the video!

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