Monday, August 18, 2014

Paige regains WWE Divas Championship on her 22nd birthday

Here's the match video of Paige vs AJ Lee from last night's Summerslam at Staples Center in Los Angeles. As you have probably already heard, Paige regained the WWE Divas Championship on her 22nd birthday. I liked the match except they should have been given more time. For one thing, I like this frenemies angle a lot better than the underdog champ angle they gave Paige the first time around. I think the heel character suits her a lot better and I'd like to see a lot of evil out of her. But that doesn't mean she's crazy but the WWE seems to think that crazy is the only way to sell female wrestlers. Some fans are blaming Michael Cole for calling Paige crazy. But he's only saying what he is being told to say in his earpiece. So the real problem is with Vince McMahon, not Michael Cole. The women are crazy angle has been done too frequently. Stop doing it. I liked some things about the match like AJ biting Paige when she tried to shake AJ's hand. The hair extensions silliness was funny. I don't know why these girls even wear them. There was some solid wrestling by both women. I liked the ending and I liked Paige's behaviour after the match. I expect this feud to continue. Of course we also had the Stephanie McMahon vs Brie Bella match ending with a Nikki Bella heel turn. Considering that she isn't a wrestler, I thought Stephanie performed well. The problem that a lot of fans have with The Bella Twins is they are terrible wrestlers. Look, they have been in the WWE for a long time. They should be better but they aren't. So though Stephanie was supposed to be the heel, fans weren't really booing her because they hate The Bella Twins not as heels, but as bad wrestlers. The Bella Twins split was teased last year. And WWE Total Divas viewers should recall that it was discussed at the end of season one. The WWE didn't go through with it at the time and the girls didn't want to split. Remember season three of WWE Total Divas starts on Sept. 7 and this heel turn should be the season three cliffhanger. We'll see how this is handled on tonight's RAW. Enjoy the Paige vs AJ Lee video!
Paige Vs AJ Lee by wwefan53

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