Saturday, August 16, 2014

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Marvin Holmes & The Uptights

Artist:Marvin Holmes & The Uptights
Song:Day Of Rest

Marvin Holmes has been a stalwart of the Bay Area funk scene since the 60s. Unfortunately he has never gotten his due and his recordings seem only to be available on various artists CDs like SuperFunk. I don't think Day Of Rest was ever released when it was recorded in the 60s but at least you can get a taste of his music. The high point of his career was when Marvin Holmes & The Uptights released the 1969 album Ooh Ooh The Dragon and Other Monsters on MCA's UNI label. Singles like The Funky Mule and Ooh Ooh The Dragon achieved modest success. Holmes recorded a second album for UNI but it doesn't look like it was ever released. It appears that Day Of Rest was supposed to be on the second album. But you can get the song on this various artists CD compiled by veteran DJ Dean Rudland for Ace Records. SuperFunk is a CD series that is recommended to those interested in rare funk. After Holmes disbanded The Uptights in 1970, he went back to backing up visiting soul acts when they came to Oakland. He also led bands like The Funk Company, Justice and The Rush Experience. In the 80s he released the single Feels So Good on MCA Records and toured with singer Randy Crawford. In recent years Holmes has worked with BDR Records producing several artists on the label. Here's a video for Day Of Rest by Marvin Holmes & The Uptights.

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