Friday, August 22, 2014

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-TGT

Song:I Need
Album:Three Kings

TGT is a "supergroup" featuring three R & B singers who have had success as solo artists and are now working together. Three Kings was their debut album and I Need was a hit single. The three singers are Tyrese Gibson, Elgin Baylor "Ginuwine" Lumpkin and Durrell "Tank" Babbs. So the three are good friends. Tyrese was best man at Ginuwine's wedding. All three had success as solo artists but I think it's fair to say that all are on the downside of success. In 2007, the three recorded a remix of Tank's song Please Don't Go which was very successful on the R & B charts. They toured in 2007 and planned to hold auditions to add a fourth member. But they were all signed to different record companies so trying to get this going became a logistical nightmare. After appearing together on the Slim Thug single Let Me Grind, the three were determined to form a group. TGT signed with Tank's label Atlantic Records and released Three Kings Aug. 2013. The album and the single I Need did very well on the R & B charts. I Need was produced by Brandon "B.A.M." Alexander and Harvey Mason Jr. of The Underdogs. The Underdogs have worked frequently with Tank. Tank just released a new CD Stronger and he is touring to support that. Neither Tyrese or Ginuwine are on major labels so I'm sure they are motivated to record with TGT. And of course Tyrese does a lot of acting these days. I'm sure TGT will record new music. The question is when. Here's the video for I Need by TGT.

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