Sunday, August 31, 2014

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Bethe Correia vs Shayna Baszler

Here's the match video of Bethe Correia vs Shayna Baszler from last night's UFC show in Sacramento. This all started when Bethe beat Jessmayn Duke and disrespected the Four Horsewomen. So then Shayna wanted to fight her. As I suspected, the whole thing wasn't Bethe's idea. One of her coaches is a pro wrestling fan. It was a smart move because it got her attention that her performances in her first two UFC fights didn't merit. Shayna is a catch wrestler who has never had a strong striking game. Bethe is a striker who has no ground game. To win, Shayna needed to take Bethe down. And that's what she did in round one. But she was unable to hook a submission. I scored round one 10-9 for Shayna. If she continued to do this, she would win the fight. Between rounds, Bethe's corner told her to stay in the center of the cage and stay away from the clinch on the fence as that would lead to the inevitable takedown. In round two, when they clinch near the fence, Bethe lands a couple of elbows that rocks Shayna. The fight is over after that as Shayna stopped moving. Bethe doesn't punch that hard. But Shayna couldn't just stand there and absorb that kind of volume. Even when they separated, Shayna didn't move. It's like she forgot how to fight. That can happen when your brains get scrambled. It's a big win for Bethe Correia and she immediately asked for a title shot against Ronda Rousey. And Ronda texted UFC president Dana White and told him she wanted that fight. White told them both to take it easy. Ronda has other contenders on her plate. And he isn't convinced that Bethe Correia is a contender yet. I agree with him. I don't think this win makes up for the previous ineffective split decision wins. Who will be Bethe's next opponent? I don't know. It may be someone who has a fight coming up. She has to win over someone higher up on the food chain. After the fight, Bethe admitted her rep for not finishing fights. This win helped but I'm not sold on her yet. She is well trained. The Pitbull Brothers are smart guys. Enjoy the video!

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  1. Frank.., many thanks again for posting this video. Sorry Shanya's loss. I was hoping she would win. Didn't happen.