Thursday, August 21, 2014

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Yoshiko vs Io Shirai

Here's the match video of Io Shirai defending her World Of Stardom Championship against Yoshiko Aug. 10 at Korakuen Hall. As you probably know by now, Yoshiko won the title. The match is pretty good. Yoshiko just isn't as athletic as other wrestlers so she has a tough time keeping up with Io. There are some good things in the match. I liked Yoshiko's counter to Io's 619. I liked Io's moonsault from the Korakuen Hall balcony. Watch very carefully midway through the match. Io did a sunset flip and I don't think Yoshiko kicked out in time. Matches can end by accident sometimes. And this ref counts really slow. But the match wasn't supposed to end and they ignored it. I thought it happened again when Io attempted a pin with a Majistral Cradle. But I couldn't see the ref's hand so I'm not sure. I was a little disappointed with the ending. I think it was too abrupt. Congratulations to Yoshiko for winning the World Of Stardom Championship. Afterwards, the two become buddies. But I don't think Io turned heel. At least it didn't look that way to me. Stardom has brought over Cheerleader Melissa for the 5 Star Grand Prix and she will face Io Shirai this Sunday. Melissa says she will be in Japan for the next month. Don't be surprised if we see Melissa vs Yoshiko in a Shimer title vs Stardom title. And one other thing. Alpha Female has gone home to Germany. I believe her Stardom contract has run out. Enjoy the video!
World of Stardom Title Match by cmrankin

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