Monday, February 03, 2014

Jessica Eye's positive drug test is bogus incompetence

The other day, the Texas AC announced the change of Jessica Eye vs Sarah Kaufman to a No Decision with no explanation. I thought it had to be because of the judging. It's been three months since the fight. Usually positive drug tests come back shortly after the fight. It doesn't take this long. So it seemed a little fishy when they announced today that Jessica tested positive for a banned substance. It turns out the banned substance is a blood thinner that Jessica has been prescribed since she was in a car accident several years ago. So not only is it not a performance enhancing drug but but the positive test is the result of a wacky misinterpretation by a state athletic commission well known for incompetence. I wonder if we would get the same result in other states. At first they announced Jessica was fined and suspended for a year. But they changed the suspension to probation and Jessica's Feb. 20 fight against Alexis Davis is still on. UFC regulatory director Marc Ratner is already on the case. So don't be surprised if the whole thing is rescinded and Jessica gets her win back. What a bunch of dopes!

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  1. Give 'em hell Frank. This is the type of nonsense that just hurts the sport, and makes it look bad in front of so many people out there. Please keep calling them as you see them.